Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to Perform the Heimlich Maneuver on a Dog

It’s bound to happen sometime. Your pooch swallows a bone and starts choking. Lucky for you the Heimlich maneuver works on dogs, and you can take action to save your best friend.

Make sure your dog is really choking. Dogs eat weird stuff all the time and get things caught in their throat. Usually with some coughing and hacking, they can dislodge the object themselves. If your dog can cough effectively, leave him alone and let him do his thing. When he hacks up whatever was bothering him, give him a reassuring pat on the head.

If your dog doesn’t cough, but is instead pawing at his face, throat, and generally acting panicked, he might need some help getting whatever is stuck in his gullet out.

Check the mouth. Look inside your dog’s mouth for the obstruction. If you can see it, try to pull it out with your fingers. Don’t confuse the small bones in a dog’s throat for the foreign object. Pulling those will injure your dog.

Nothing going on here...just a man giving his dog the Heimlich
Doggy Heimlich maneuver. 

1. Stand behind your dog and grasp him around the waist.

2. Place your fist just below the ribcage and give five quick thrusts.

3. Take your dog to the vet even if you get the object out. He’ll need to be examined to see if there were any internal injuries.

This was taken from: http://artofmanliness.com/2011/08/15/how-to-perform-the-heimlich-maneuver-in-6-different-situations/

Friday, August 17, 2012

Separation Anxiety Tip!

Here is the all too familiar scene:
I'm just getting into work, sitting down at my desk with a nice relaxing cup of tea and my cell phone lights up... It's a text from the downstairs neighbor!!! Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

"Ummm Jeanette, your dog woke me up, she won't stop barking and I can hear her running around your apartment like a lunatic" 

After trying everything in the book, I decided to use the power of distraction! 
Getting into a simple routine with these mind game treat toys has made my life, Mia's life and my neighbor's life so much better! 

I make Mia get into her bed or a familiar spot before I leave for work in the morning (or anytime I leave the house) and simply fill the toys with one or two small treats and place them in front of her. She is obviously excited and can't wait for me to leave so she can find the prizes that I've hidden inside! 

TIP: I found that Mia was plumping up a bit bc of the treat overload so if your dog is really into their food, I recommend putting the dogs kibble into these toys! 

I found these toys at the pet store and they range from about $15 - $30. Believe me, they are so worth the money!  

Just like people, dogs get bored! Keep your dog's mind busy!!! That's the key! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

In our thoughts...

Bear will be missed after his passing yesterday.
In about two weeks we are traveling to Grand Marais, Minnesota for our annual family reunion and we will be bringing the ashes of Bear, Sheba and Sammy to leave there forever.  I'm pretty sure Sammy and Sheba are ready to get off the fireplace mantle.... They all loved it in the north woods so much that my mom thought it would be a perfect plan.  I couldn't agree more.

This will be Mia's first trip to Grand Marais!!! I hope we don't get kicked out of the hotel!

Da Bear...that isn't gray hair, it's frost from playing in the snow ;)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Like family...RIP Big Boy Bear

Open you hearts and homes to disabled dogs.

Just like people, some pets are born with or can develop a disability or handicap. This doesn't make them any less lovable than pets who can function normally.

Today's post is dedicated to adoptable pets who might be overlooked or judged based on their looks and abilities. Animals don't know they have disabilities! I encourage you to open your hearts and minds to these animals who are often left behind.

My friends Stephanie and Mike recently adopted a dog named Seven Five, a pit bull mix who was found by One Tail at a Time dog rescue as baby roaming the streets. They named her Seven Five! She only has three functioning legs therefore Seven Five meaning 75% :) She has been the perfect addition to their family and plays just as hard as their other two adopted dogs.

"Seven with her 3 legs and her little arm make me so happy- I love to watch her run around with her brothers, swim with her life jacket, play in the sprinkler- you or her would never know she has a disability. She is so happy and loves her life! I could not imagine my life without her. Her positive attitude and carefree personality- is really needed more in the human world." Stephanie McCutcheon

Stephanie and Seven Five

Seven Five and Mike at the lake

Disabled Pets  
Most pets have the use of two eyes,
Some have one or none.
Most pets can hear through both ears,
Some hear a little, some hear nothing at all.

Most pets can eat anything and visit the vet but once a year,
Some need special food, shots or medicine.Most pets go potty on a walk or in the yard,
Some wear ‘hot pants’ or go on a special matt inside.
Most pets walk in normal stride,
Some hop along or roll in wheelchairs.
Differences exist between most and some, but does it really mean that much?
All pets have such great big hearts and yearn to feel love’s touch.
Opening your mind, home and heart to a disabled pet will prove one thing for sure,
The love and thanks you'll receive in return will touch your life like never before.
-Lynne Przychodzki