Monday, August 13, 2012

Open you hearts and homes to disabled dogs.

Just like people, some pets are born with or can develop a disability or handicap. This doesn't make them any less lovable than pets who can function normally.

Today's post is dedicated to adoptable pets who might be overlooked or judged based on their looks and abilities. Animals don't know they have disabilities! I encourage you to open your hearts and minds to these animals who are often left behind.

My friends Stephanie and Mike recently adopted a dog named Seven Five, a pit bull mix who was found by One Tail at a Time dog rescue as baby roaming the streets. They named her Seven Five! She only has three functioning legs therefore Seven Five meaning 75% :) She has been the perfect addition to their family and plays just as hard as their other two adopted dogs.

"Seven with her 3 legs and her little arm make me so happy- I love to watch her run around with her brothers, swim with her life jacket, play in the sprinkler- you or her would never know she has a disability. She is so happy and loves her life! I could not imagine my life without her. Her positive attitude and carefree personality- is really needed more in the human world." Stephanie McCutcheon

Stephanie and Seven Five

Seven Five and Mike at the lake

Disabled Pets  
Most pets have the use of two eyes,
Some have one or none.
Most pets can hear through both ears,
Some hear a little, some hear nothing at all.

Most pets can eat anything and visit the vet but once a year,
Some need special food, shots or medicine.Most pets go potty on a walk or in the yard,
Some wear ‘hot pants’ or go on a special matt inside.
Most pets walk in normal stride,
Some hop along or roll in wheelchairs.
Differences exist between most and some, but does it really mean that much?
All pets have such great big hearts and yearn to feel love’s touch.
Opening your mind, home and heart to a disabled pet will prove one thing for sure,
The love and thanks you'll receive in return will touch your life like never before.
-Lynne Przychodzki

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  1. Thanks for posting this! She is such a happy girl- and somethings she cant do the same as her brothers but honestly her brothers always give her that push to walk farther and keep up :) I look at her and feel humbled and blessed that she is apart of our family. I highly suggest if people have room in their home....a special needs dog will make your heart happy!