Friday, August 17, 2012

Separation Anxiety Tip!

Here is the all too familiar scene:
I'm just getting into work, sitting down at my desk with a nice relaxing cup of tea and my cell phone lights up... It's a text from the downstairs neighbor!!! Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

"Ummm Jeanette, your dog woke me up, she won't stop barking and I can hear her running around your apartment like a lunatic" 

After trying everything in the book, I decided to use the power of distraction! 
Getting into a simple routine with these mind game treat toys has made my life, Mia's life and my neighbor's life so much better! 

I make Mia get into her bed or a familiar spot before I leave for work in the morning (or anytime I leave the house) and simply fill the toys with one or two small treats and place them in front of her. She is obviously excited and can't wait for me to leave so she can find the prizes that I've hidden inside! 

TIP: I found that Mia was plumping up a bit bc of the treat overload so if your dog is really into their food, I recommend putting the dogs kibble into these toys! 

I found these toys at the pet store and they range from about $15 - $30. Believe me, they are so worth the money!  

Just like people, dogs get bored! Keep your dog's mind busy!!! That's the key! 

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